[UPDATE] “I can’t find my e-mail.”

On Wednesday we published a post about things that might cause your e-mail to go “missing”.  Here’s another one:
5) Forwarding.  In Office 365 is it possible to have all of your incoming mail forwarded to another address.  When this setting is active, all incoming mail is redirected to that address and does not “land” in your InBox.  This setting can be found by clicking on the Settings gear in the upper right corner of the Outlook (web) window, clicking on “Mail” at the bottom of the menu, and then clicking on “Forwarding” in the menu on the left side of the Outlook window.
If you inspect the Forwarding setting and discover that 1) it is active and 2) is sending to an address you do not recognize, then it is safe to assume that someone else has your Campus Computer Account password.  Go to account.potsdam.edu and change your password immediately.
If you need assistance with checking your Forwarding (or any other) settings or with changing your password, stop by the CTS Helpdesk in Stillman Hall or e-mail helpdesk@potsdam.edu.