[Reminder] It’s Getting Busy!

CTS has been working diligently all summer long upgrading systems, classroom spaces, services, and generally getting things ready for everyone’s return in just over a week.
As with all fall start-ups, as people return they are anxious to get underway! With that, for CTS, comes a huge influx of tickets ranging from technology not working as expected, equipment/cabling re-arrangement, requests for systems access, and… well you get the idea.
If you’ve entered a ticket in our system, called and reported a problem, or emailed helpdesk@potsdam.edu, rest assured that a ticket has been created and will be attended to as resources and priorities permit!
We would also ask that you refrain from entering duplicate requests as it can cause confusion when the original issue is resolved and then someone sees another ticket with the same problem report which needs to be followed up on, thus causing a slow-down in service for everyone in the queue. As always, you’re welcome to respond to the ticket email you received (please don’t change the Subject line!) with more information or a status request. That will automatically be appended to your existing ticket and we will see it.
Thank you and welcome back!